Goals without hard work is wishful thinking. Hard work without goals is like taking a walk without a direction. Goals with hard work definitely produce success. By holding true to the principles of "helping others to help others", JINHO's Founder and Chairman Mr. Francis Ng made the decision to enter the health line with hopes to help many others live a healthier life by gaining back their physical wellbeing, for life to be filled with happiness and content.

Since several years back, Mr. Francis Ng never stopped introducing disease prevention and healthcare products of substantial technology into the Malaysian market with the purpose of spreading health awareness among the people on the importance of prevention and taking proper care of one's health. Operating through franchising and giving priority to maintaining relationships with customers in the market, the JINHO Health Management Center has gotten favorable reception among the local communities.

From earning wages to starting their own business, Mr Francis Ng hopes his staff can improve themselves concurrently as the company grows. He wishes to help them understand the value of life and self responsibilities through work ethics, motivation and courses.

Mr. Francis Ng also places great importance on his staffs' welfare. He has established an internal system for the sales team known as BOB (Be your Own Boss) with the purpose of giving appreciation and recognition for the brilliant few. With the corporation's support through the system, a much better life for their families will be opened up to them.

Building a brand which can be trusted, exhibits professionalism, and internationally recognized" summarizes the main aspiration for JINHO's product branding. Every product introduced into the corporation will be extensively tested, reviewed, and filtered with all aspects considered, in order to get better reception or a reputation of "High Quality, Proven Effectiveness".

JINHO will always be innovative and at all times try to understand the customer's needs for them to be more responsible to live a healthier life. Besides that, JINHO's products also gained recognition from related bodies whether locally or internationally, including the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare, ISO Standards recognition, SIRIM, Malaysian Halal Certification, and others.

As a result of that, JINHO is committed with no compromises, on chasing for the perfect product quality.