JINHO创办人兼集团总裁黄瑞贤先生正因为秉持着 [HELP PEOPLE TO HELP OTHERS] 一个看似再简单不过的理念,毅然决定投身保健行业,帮助更多人获得健康、重拾健康,并协助有理想的伙伴创造财富,达到成功的人生。JINHO’s Founder and Chairman, Mr. Francis Ng who holds onto the simple principles of: "HELPING PEOPLE TO HELP OTHERS", decided to get involved in the healthcare industry to help more people live a healthier life. His secondary aim is to help those in partnership with him to generate wealth and create achievement in their lives. 

  • JINHO创办人兼集团总裁。Founder and Chairman of JINHO.
  • JINHO连续2年荣获亚洲最有影响力的企业品牌杂志《商天下》及环球企业家议会评选为 [亚太杰出品牌奖]。JINHO became "Asia's Most Influential Brands" in the Global Business magazine 2 years continuously and was presented the "Asia Pacific International Entrepreneur Excellence Brand Award” by the Global Entrepreneurs Council. 
  • 第7届 [亚太国际世纪企业家精英大奖] 之卓越服务品质大奖10大主要得奖者之一。One of the Top 10 winners of the "7th Asia Pacific International Entrepreneur Excellence Award - Excellence SERVICE QUALITY”.
  • [金牛奖第7届大马最杰出中小企业新秀奖] 得主。Golden Bull Award 2009 7th Malaysia 100 Outstanding SMEs – Emerging SMEs.
  • JINHO荣获马来西亚国内贸易、合作社、消费人事务部颁发 [特许经营权执照] 荣誉。JINHO was awarded a "Franchise License" by The Minister of Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism.
  • 获选马来西亚中小型企业世界联盟颁发 [第4届企业年度奖] 之年度领袖奖。Voted and awarded for the "4th Business of The Year Award" (Corporate Leader of The Year) by the Deputy Minister of International Trade & Industry.
  • 荣膺马六甲州元首封赐BCM(Bintang Cemerlang Melaka - 马六甲卓越星章)勋衔。Was conferred the BINTANG CEMERLANG MELAKA (BCM) in conjunction with Malacca’s Head of State, Tun Mohd Khalil Yaakob’s 72nd birthday.


JINHO集团执行董事林水仙女士是一位新世纪创业成功女性的典范,她与夫婿携手同心带领 JINHO在短短的几年内,从一家小小的企业,蜕变成一间全马拥有超过15家分店的集团,成绩令人刮目相看。Managing Director, Mdm. Michelle Lim is a model figure of a successful woman of entrepreneurship. She has been managing JINHO passionately together with her husband and has allowed JINHO to grow from a small company into one with more than 15 branches in just a few years.

  • JINHO执行董事兼联合创办人。Managing Director and Co-founder of JINHO.
  • 应邀接受亚洲最有影响力的企业品牌杂志《商天下[品牌大殿堂]》访问。Interviewed by the media of "Business World"- The Most Influential Brand Magazine in Asia.
  • FRANMIC护肤系列产品品牌掌舵人兼代言人。Ambassador and spokesperson of a Skin Care Product series – FRANMIC.
  • 荣获马来西亚女性创业协会颁发 [亚太最杰出女性创业奖] 荣誉马来西亚女性创业协会执委兼马六甲区负责人。Awarded the "2010 Outstanding Asia Women Entrepreneur Award" by the Association of Woman Entrepreneurs of Malaysia. Became a member of the Executive Committee representing Malacca in the association of Woman Entrepreneurs of Malaysia.
  • 专业个人形象顾问及国际形象顾问协会之会员。Professional personal image advisor and member of the International Image Consultants Association.



JINHO 多年来获奖无数,包括金牛奖、亚太国际超级健康品牌奖、亚太国际诚信企业奖、亚太杰出品牌等等。

JINHO has received numerous awards over the years which include: Golden Bull Award, Asia Pacific Super Health Brand Award,Asia Pacific International Honesty Enterprise Award, Asia Pacific Excellence Brand and many others.