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  1. Featured materials absorb moisture and get rid of sweat, to keep your feet dry and driving blood circulation.
  2. Enhance blood circulation, relieve the muscle pain, relieve body fatigue and aches, improves sleeping quality.

Who is suitable?

  • Diabetic
  • Long distance driving or flying
  • Office workers
  • People who are easily tired
  • People who like to play sports
  • Salesperson
  • Students
  • The Elderly
  • Those who suffer from cold feet symptoms (cryopedis)

Material Compositions

Titanium-Gold, Germanium, Tourmaline, Al2O3, Mineral Powder

Effects & Reactions

After wearing JINHO ENERGY SOCK, various degrees of dizziness or other symptoms might occur due to the increase of blood circulation by the sustained release of negative ions. Due to the differences of individual's body constitution, we highly recommend users to gradually increase the duration of usage in accordance to the user's comfortability.


  1. Please do not pull aggressively on the product as this will cause damage or impairment to the material. Also be careful to avoid harsh scrubbing.
  2. To remove dirt and dust, wash with water or a mild cleanser.
  3. Do not put into the washing machine or apply strong corrosive or bleach. Wipe gently with a soft cloth to dry.
  4. Do not expose to sun for long period and keep away from stove tops or any other high temperature area.
  5. A dry room temperature is the best to avoid damaging the product