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  Corporate Philosophy
Company Background

JINHO Global was founded in 2006 and is the first corporation in Malaysia to have a franchise license in the electrostatic field. Besides that, JINHO Global is also the sole distributor in Malaysia for the Japanese electrostatic potential therapy device known as JINHO MOVAS.

JINHO brings the meaning of "true happiness" in Chinese. From the company's point of view, true happiness covers 3 main aspects; one, a healthy body, two, free from the shackles of monetary restrictions and materialism, and three, wisdom of the mind.

Adhering to the principles of "Health is everything", JINHO opened the first JINHO Health Management Centre (JHMC) in Bukit Mertajam, Penang in 2007. JHMC offers 30 minutes of free therapy sessions for the locals living in the area. The corporation hopes this will help many people live a healthier life and encourage more families to use disease prevention and healthcare products, while also reducing pill intake and saving on expensive medical bills.

The role played by the JHMC as a health practitioner is slowly gaining acknowledgement and acceptance by the general public. In this short 3 years, JINHO has opened more than 15 branches throughout Malaysia and is continuously providing new health products for its customers.

In 2010, JINHO stated 4 main goals: product diversity, highly systematic staff training, classification of member info, and professionalism in management, in order to realize the dream, "From Malaysia, towards internationally, in the eyes of the world" by 2012.

These days, JINHO is looking forward to the future by contributing and giving back to the society via practical activities, and being involved in charity works, all for the sake of creating a happier and healthier life.